HorttanaMusix Youtube Channel

About Horttana Musix

Founder: Antti Horttana

Sites: Youtube, Facebook, BandCamp

About Antti Horttana

Freelance bassist and all around musician, able and willing to play all that is necessary! Has plenty of experience in dance&party bands and possesses decent technical skills. If you need a bassist substitute for your band, leave me a message at

Main instrument:

Electric Bass 4-7 strings

Secondary instruments:

Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard

Affiliated with:

Von Horttons Productions,

Ylinouseva Kvartetti, Öiset Kulkijat,

Sela's Attic, Olppa Product,

Miia Mäkelä&Siluetti, Club7, Poppairs, Scythe of Orion, Antti Mustonen, Shredding Dragon.

Current hometown: Kuhmo

Gigs possible all over Finland.